About Me

My name is Alex. I am a mid-20s British transplant in Berlin. Originally a countryside kid, moving to the big city was a big step that has paid off. Ultimately, I’m an expressive introvert with a love of organisation, tidiness, charts and monotonous, repetitive tasks. While I’ve never been able to, or had the inclination to learn, how to draw, sing or play an instrument like so many on internet platforms, I do love promoting others’ talents and enjoying their gifts. At the end of the day, my writing comes from heart, be that good or bad. Hopefully as this platform grows, you’ll learn about things and people that intrigue you.

Original photos on this page were either taken with my elderly Nikon D300 or with my Sony A7II and are 100% my own copywritten material. This also goes for all of the text posts. Should you wish to use any of this content, please send me an e-mail.

I’m constantly looking for work in and around the media world. Having experience in areas of writing, photography and editing, I’m willing and able to do most tasks. Send me an e-mail or DM me on Instagram if any of this interests you or you have any further inquiries.