Naturally, as with most of us at this time, I had a lot of time to listen to the music I was interested in that was released this week. Being in another country is always concerning when people you care about are too far away for you to have any true influence. Therefore it becomes more and more important to have these distractions from your lack of daily routine and balance. That being said, musically, it’s been a rather disappointing week as you will find below in this post.


DVSN – Between Us (feat. Snoh Aalegra)

Considering my love for both of these artists, the track is quite underwhelming. There’s a lack of lyrical substance and/or relatability, set over a dull, plodding instrumental with no sass or personality. The vocal patterns are runs are just okay; overall I was expecting much more when this combination came up.

My First Introduction to: DVSN
Getting sucked into the world of their first project Sept. 5th back in 2016 and falling in love with the darkness and depth of their vibe.


The Weeknd – After Hours

This is maybe the least interested I’ve ever been while listening to an album by The Weeknd. For the pre-release images and mystique seeming so dark and frenzied with a hint of class, this project is filled with hum-drum mediocrity; it’s just incredibly boring. It feels as if this is the perfect movie soundtrack in that you’re not supposed to concentrate on it, and yet the thing you are supposed to take interest in is non-existent. Ultimately, I’m always the most disappointed when the singles released before the album are by far and away the most interesting and catchy tracks.

Top tracks (so far): Heartless, Faith, After Hours

My First Introduction to: The Weeknd

TOKiMONSTA – Oasis Nocturno

This album is full of danceable, mind numbing dance-pop with some hip-hop appeal. It does get a bit boring in the middle but there are still some extremely groovy tracks sprinkled throughout.

Top tracks (so far): One Day (feat. Bibi Bourelly & Jean Deaux), Fried for the Night (feat. Earthgang), Come and Go (feat. VanJess)

My First Introduction to: TOKiMONSTA
Eavesdropped over a stranger’s shoulder on the bus because I saw Joey Purp and Isaiah Rashad were featured on “No Way.” I was not disappointed.

Shoffy – Flash

Shoffy is an artist who I had never heard of before and came up on my Spotify recommended list. Originally, hearing “Tricky” was an extremely pleasant surprise with its simple bop but relatable topic. However, digging deeper into the project, Flash is a collection of bubblegum indie-pop, which will be perfect fodder for the chill/escape music YouTube channels. Overall, the album is extremely forgettable. There is some catchiness but the vocals are so uninteresting and the topics too cheesy and shallow that it gets outmatched. The opening track Tricky is, however, a diamond in the rough.

Top tracks (so far): Tricky (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)

Childish Gambino – 3.15.20

This sounds like the soundtrack to Donald Glover’s unwritten movie in that it seems very unfinished and without purpose or momentum throughout. I don’t really understand the release strategy unless he is in a contract dispute a-la Frank Ocean’s Endless. These tracks, in totality, have very little draw unless you are a true stan.

Top tracks (so far): Algorhythm, 12.38

My First Introduction to: Childish Gambino
Finding out about Camp around the end of the mixtape era.

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