Limited music that interested me this week and really no major releases of any kind. It is been more of a week of reflection on some of the great tracks that have been released so far this year. This week is so deserted that even Soundcloud can get a mention – what is this? 2015 again? I’ve been catching up finally on an audiobook that I’ve been meaning to get to for many months now; the strangely inspiring story of Steve “Dangle” Glynn, a crazy Toronto Maple Leafs fanboy turned ‘professional fan.’ Highly recommended if you, like me, may be lacking direction in your everyday life and appreciate someone with the humility to call out their own stupidity.


Drake – Desires (feat. Future)

Drake drops a ‘new’ loose song deep in his soundcloud account and it’s actually quietly appealing. The vocals sound like something that he could have released around the Take Care or NWTS era with the production being firmly in the WATTBA time. Sure it sounds like something that is maybe a leftover from the hopefully soon to be released WATTBA2 with Future, but if this is just a leftover, I’m excited to see what actually made the cut. I’m also aware that this same song without Future was leaked a few weeks back so perhaps Drake’s hand was forced and he gave up giving this song a placement; it’s still easy-listening typical Drake so I’m not mad.

Friends put me onto So Far Gone around the time it was released and I fully understood the hype as there was very little like it around that time.


Lil Wayne – Funeral

I’m never fully sure what to expect with Lil Wayne anymore. He just seems to have lost his wheeze. I understand and appreciate the shtick of not writing down his lyrics anymore but sometimes when you do that, you need to have some substance and stories akin to rappers doing that like Jay-Z. This album is, frankly, a mess. After the first 3 tracks it takes a sharp (and I mean shaaaarp) fall off a cliff and becomes like a jumble sale of pussy-eating metaphors and awkward singing. Although Wayne was never really known for his narrative crafting, I just wish he was a bit more focused on making 10-15 songs actually about something rather than packing an album like this with what he feels is hot at the time. It’s bloated, unnecessary and, for the most part, forgettable.

Top tracks (so far): Mahogany, Mama Mia, Harden

As he was on a great number of singles leading up to the classic Tha Carter III. Not ashamed to say I can rap damn near every word from that album, specifically “3 Peat” and “A Milli.”

Madlib – Bandana Beats

Just like Piñata before it, Madlib has formerly published the instrumentals for his joint project with Freddie Gibbs from last summer, Bandana. If you’ve read my year-end list for 2019 (plug plug) then you’ll know my overwhelmingly positive feelings about this project and it’s production, and by releasing the instrumentals on their own they serve as further testament to this man’s skill and intense attention to detail. The skits within tracks hit just that little bit harder and tell a story of where Madlib was when producing this album, as Gibbs’ vocals and storytelling would on the full release.

Top tracks (so far): Freestyle Sh*t, Crime Pays, Fake Names

Digging into his back catalogue around 2009-2010, specifically the Beat Konducta series and Madvilliany with MF Doom

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