For the new year I will be attempting to document some (as much as realistically possible) of the new music that was released each week that I was interested in hearing. Some weeks will be more stacked than others, therefore the length of these articles will vary. Obviously the lists are very catered to my tastes but I hope this can open up some dialogue between readers and myself through the year as to what you’ve been listening to and broadening each others’ horizons.


Future – Life Is Good (feat. Drake)

I think I must be misunderstanding the whole idea of featuring an artist on your track because this is just two completely different songs stuck together with a pretend beat switch in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, both tracks are very much listenable but I can’t believe that there was any collaboration between the two until they met to shoot the incredibly memeable video.

070 Shake – Guilty Conscience

Still not totally sure what her style is but just as I loved “Morrow” last year, this track is also really solid one. This one’s an 80s synthy-ballad, smothered in reverb and subtle 808 drums. It’s a real earworm even though 070 Shake’s vocals are still just passable and a bit nondescript.

Alicia Keys – Underdog

It’s god awful cheesy motivational pop music with the blandest acoustic guitar instrumental imaginable. Alicia, please, you’re better than this.

Carnage – Hella Neck (feat. Tyga, Shoreline Mafia & Takeoff)

The instrumental sounds like something between a budget Lex Luger Flockaveli cut and a Migos bonus track. The verses are so forgettable I had to double check just how many people were on the track. Tyga’s smooth but samey flow is really the only thing this track has vaguely going for it.


Selena Gomez – Rare

Rare is pure unadulterated pop music. At different points it’s toxic, danceable and just slightly vulnerable. From first listens, there are absolutely some duds; I would personally have shortened it to a strong EP, removing some of the filler. However, I can see some of the tracks here having single potential and excellent replay value in many mood playlists.

Top tracks (so far): Dance Again, People You Know, Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK)

Mick Jenkins – The Circus

The Circus is a short 7-track EP from an artist, Mick Jenkins, who I have not really liked anything since he released The Water[s] back in 2014. This EP feels like we’re getting back to some of the snap, conceptualisation and smoothness featured on that album, but it tails off pretty hard even for a short collection. However, I think that the first two tracks will be in my rotation for a while to come.

Top tracks (so far): Same Ol, Carefree

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